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Over the years I’ve created a range of resources designed to support parents on a bilingual or multilingual journey with their children. I hope they can help you experience greater success and joy for your own family’s journey.

The Bilingual Monkeys blog was founded in the fall of 2012, when I began sharing my longtime experience as a teacher and parent of bilingual and multilingual children. Since then, this blog has grown to become one of the largest and most influential sites in the field of child bilingualism, with a wealth of practical, real-world content that includes, as of July 2023, 508 posts, 25 pages, and 3,700 comments.

I also offer a free newsletter, via email, which is not only the best way to keep up with my work, it can also serve as a regular source of encouragement for advancing your bilingual or multilingual goal.

My popular e-book can be downloaded freely (or for a modest donation, the choice is yours). This PDF resource features quotes that I gathered over a period of 15 years and then carefully selected with parents of bilingual/multilingual children in mind. The result is a “power pack” of wisdom that runs over 17,000 words and includes 636 motivating quotes.

I opened this free forum in the summer of 2014 after the growing audience at Bilingual Monkeys began making requests for a way to interact more easily with one another. As of July 2023, this global community has generated a total of 1,254 threads and 13,147 posts about raising bilingual and multilingual kids. Everyone can read this content, though registration is needed to post to the forum boards.

My unique guide to raising bilingual and multilingual kids has been praised worldwide by parents and leaders in the field, including Dr. Annick De Houwer, the world’s leading researcher on child bilingualism. This empowering book, read by thousands throughout the world, offers the best of my personal experience as a teacher and parent, having worked with numerous bilingual and multilingual children over the course of my career. A Polish edition is also available.

This reader-friendly book—which was fascinating for me to research and write—features the success stories of a wide range of families (including parents who are non-native speakers of the minority language) and details the kinds of attitudes and actions that can enable your family to enjoy the same sort of rewarding success on your journey together. Packed with ideas and inspiration, it’s a real-life roadmap that will help you realize your own family’s joyful success story.

The ideal book for parents—especially new parents and parents of younger kids—who dream of raising bilingual or multilingual children. Narrated by a lively baby, this captivating “picture book for adults” emphasizes the most important information parents need for achieving bilingual or multilingual success. And the many humorous illustrations make it very appealing for kids, too.

A colorful wordless picture book, it’s perfect for homes and schools because the funny, fun-filled story is conveyed through the illustrations alone and can be narrated in any target language, by either the adult or child. I’ve always loved wordless picture books and it was a joy creating this one with my son and the illustrator to produce an engaging, effective resource for encouraging language input and interaction.

A language learning resource (not a picture book) consisting of familiar stories crafted in short, simple texts on dual-facing English and Spanish pages, with easy access to online audio files offering professional narration of these tales in both languages. Enjoyable and effective for children, teens, and adults, this book is a useful, flexible resource for self-study, homeschooling, or classroom use.

My award-winning novel which features an action-packed, laugh-out-loud story and marvelous, madcap illustrations by British artist Simon Farrow. A wildly entertaining adventure for older children and adults, to read alone or read aloud, the story spirals forward with a book-loving boy, a marching band, a moody grandmother with beautiful blond curls, a long-lost hero and his three-legged moose, a dancing bear, a poisonous spider, a baby-snatching owl, a shaggy yak of a man and his snapping turtle, a herd of 144 spitting llamas—and a very large, very hungry ogre.

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