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Coaching for concerned parents now struggling in some way





The difference between continuing such struggles, or overcoming them, may be as simple as having an experienced coach by your side to help guide your actions and cheer on your efforts.

Over the years, my main mission has been:

How can I most effectively support parents and children on their bilingual or multilingual journey so they can experience the greatest degree of success and joy during these childhood years?

And while I’ve made a wide range of efforts to meet this mission, my signature coaching program now brings together the very best of my ideas and experience to provide the most personal and powerful support possible.

Through our teamwork in the Bilingual Breakthrough coaching program…

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Daryna in Italy, originally from Ukraine

Honestly, I was quite desperate in my situation with bilingualism for a variety of reasons: war in my country, a lack of language exposure, my husband speaks only one language, plans to move abroad, and more. It’s all kind of complicated and even though I already read so many books and articles on this topic, I still couldn’t come up with the solution.

Coaching with Adam was helpful on so many levels, not only to establish the correct strategy but also to release all the mental pressure I was feeling.

We also discussed creative methods to enhance our language journey even more, especially with my elder child who is suuuuuuper active and not really willing to stay in one place and study. So now we’re learning through things like active games and role plays.

BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go! BAM! Let's go!


The first phase of the Bilingual Breakthrough program lasts 3 months. After that, you’ll continue to have ongoing access to my private “on-call” coaching over the childhood years, whenever you might need advice, accountability, or encouragement. You can always count on my support as you move forward into the future!

And please keep in touch, too, to share all your good news as time goes by!

First, we’ll conduct a Full Analysis of your situation, identifying the many factors which can influence your bilingual or multilingual aim.

Based on this analysis, we’ll create a customized Action Plan that’s designed to optimize your conditions and your actions in order to overcome your current struggles and maximize your family’s success and joy.

To empower your daily efforts with the Action Plan, we’ll meet in a series of online coaching sessions, via Zoom or another video chat platform. All coaching sessions last as long as we need, generally 1-2 hours. My support is also available at any time through email and audio/video messages.

My personal support will continue, even after you complete the first 3 months of the program, with 2 additional coaching sessions that can be used any time in the future as well as unlimited email and audio/video messages. In other words, I’ll still be by your side, cheering you on, as your journey proceeds over the years ahead!

Please note: Because of the personal attention I provide to each participant, I can offer only a limited number of openings in this program each month. When these slots are filled, new participants can reserve a slot for a future month.

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Jana in the US, originally from the Czech Republic

I’m one of those parents who hasn’t been consistent about using the minority language with their children. Emotionally, this has been a tough journey for me, and for them as well, filled with self-doubt, regret, some shame, and only a tiny bit of hope.

But after I reached out to Adam, I felt much more hopeful and also less stressed and regretful about neglecting my native language when the girls were little.

Adam is very supportive and optimistic, and he doesn’t judge you. He gave me hope that we can do it and the inspiration to keep going.

ZAP! Keep at it! ZAP! Keep at it! ZAP! Keep at it! ZAP! Keep at it! ZAP! Keep at it! ZAP! Keep at it! ZAP! Keep at it! ZAP! Keep at it! ZAP! Keep at it! ZAP! Keep at it! ZAP! Keep at it! ZAP! Keep at it! ZAP! Keep at it! ZAP! Keep at it! ZAP! Keep at it! ZAP! Keep at it! ZAP! Keep at it! ZAP! Keep at it! ZAP! Keep at it! ZAP! Keep at it!


The bottom line is, I want you to succeed. That’s the truth. Because I know, very personally, how deeply important this aim is to parents like us. In fact, it thrills me to hear from parents about their successes…and it pains me when they describe their struggles.

For me, personal coaching is the most powerful way I can help parents enjoy more success and experience less struggle. I’m very glad and grateful to say that my blog and forum and books have enabled so many parents around the world to experience greater success at their bilingual or multilingual aim.

But even with resources like these, parents are still largely on their own and not everyone succeeds as they hope.

Bilingual Breakthrough could be the game-changing support that you’ve been looking for.

Again, I truly want you to succeed. Whether or not we work together, I’m cheering for you and your kids from this little house in Hiroshima, Japan. (Can you hear me?) But do keep clearly in mind that time is ticking and each day counts when it comes to language development. So if raising a bilingual or multilingual child is a heartfelt dream, please take action today.

And if you want my personal, full-on support to help maximize the success and joy of your journey, I’d be very happy to be your coach.


My all-inclusive fee, which covers both the first three months of intensive coaching plus ongoing support throughout the childhood years, is $2000 US, if paid in full at the start of our partnership.

If multiple payments are preferred, the cost is $2100, which can be paid in three installments of $700 over the first three months of coaching.

As a special bonus, coaching clients also get free access to my online masterclass How to Get Your Bilingual Child to Speak the Minority Language More Actively, which includes the instantly-useful e-book 77 Great Games and Activities for Getting Your Bilingual Child to Speak Your Language.

If you feel some concern about the cost, remember that this is a short-term investment in the long-term success and joy of your family’s bilingual or multilingual journey. It’s hard to a put a price on something so priceless (what would you really pay for the greater success and joy you seek?), but in this light, isn’t $2000 an affordable amount?

In fact, in the greater scheme of things, the cost for my private, long-term coaching support is probably less than one roundtrip plane ticket on your next vacation, or literally pennies a day if spread over the full length of your bilingual journey. Wouldn’t maximizing your children’s bilingual ability be well worth just pennies a day?

Yes, the free 30-minute call will enable you to share your situation, ask any questions you like, and decide if my signature coaching program would be a good fit for you and your family. And whether or not we move forward and work together, I would enjoy speaking with you about your family’s bilingual or multilingual aim!

Absolutely. As long as you’re able to speak with me using Zoom or another video chatting platform, you can basically be located anywhere on earth. In fact, I’ve coached parents living in dozens of different countries and I love being able to connect with the world in this way.

If you live in the Hiroshima area, I’d be happy to meet with you in person. If you live in another part of Japan, it may be possible, and this could be discussed. For parents living in other parts of the world, video chatting is no doubt the easiest option!

Over the years, I’ve coached many non-native English speakers. And I’ve been a teacher for English learners, too. So, as long as you can communicate in English, even at a lower level, we can work together well, I’m sure.

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Virginia in the US, originally from Argentina

I first learned about Adam and his approach to raising bilingual/multilingual children through his book Maximize Your Child’s Bilingual Ability. The book made an impression on me and immediately stood out from other books on the subject. So you can imagine how excited I was to learn that he was offering personal coaching!

Even though he was already familiar with my family’s story from The Bilingual Zoo forum, he nevertheless took the time to make sure he understood our background and current situation. He then moved onto clarifying our priorities and helping us explore reasonable goals for our family. This was a difficult conversation for my husband and I to have, and Adam was very skillful in his ability to handle it with care and support and, most importantly, in a non-judgmental way. Even though he is 100% committed to helping families achieve bilingual/multilingual success, he was at the same time very respectful and accepting of where our family was at that point. Adam really is a master of meeting people where they are and helping them set and achieve realistic goals. His coaching helped my husband and I see our situation a lot more clearly and honestly, so that making decisions about how to move forward in our journey became less riddled with confusion and uncertainty.

My family’s bilingual journey is a work in progress, and I feel very fortunate and grateful to have had Adam’s support and encouragement along the way. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone looking to raise a bilingual/multilingual family.

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